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Attorney Who Knows Supervised Release Guidelines In Federal Courts

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The federal sentencing guidelines contain a number of conditions allowing for release of individuals from federal prison once they have served at least part of their sentence. However, this freedom is sometimes taken away and the individual is returned to prison. This can occur due to certain conditions of the release not being met. For example, it could occur because of a positive drug screening or because of an appointment being missed. It can also occur because a parole officer has not done his or her job or made a mistake in documenting what has occurred. Such mistakes can lead to years of additional prison time.

Carl E. Cornwell Attorney at Law has, on a large number of occasions, represented individuals facing federal revocation of their supervised release. Carl Cornwell is a lawyer who understands the guidelines. He also understands how to reason with parole officers and prosecutors to allow them to understand your side of the story.

Extensive Experience Representing Federal Prisoners

It bears repeating that Carl Cornwell has been representing individuals charged with federal crimes for more than three decades. While his office is located in Olathe, Kansas, he has represented individuals in federal court in nine states and is entitled to practice in all federal courts throughout the nation. Simply trying federal cases involving drug crimes, tax fraud, embezzlement or homicide has familiarized him with federal sentencing guidelines. In representing clients regarding revocation of supervised release matters, he has learned to read and interpret the federal guidelines from every angle.

There is no fate anyone convicted of a crime wishes to avoid more than being returned to federal prison. When retaining Carl Cornwell to represent you, you can be assured that you are in good hands and that you have an attorney fighting for you every step of the way.

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