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The right defense for the drug charges you are facing

The conviction of any type of drug charge is serious, and the repercussions can have a serious impact on your life. If you are currently facing state or federal drug charges, you understand the gravity of your situation and the need to adequately defend yourself against these accusations.

Don't shoot yourself in the foot when it comes to defense

Throughout the recent presidential campaign, the topic of guns and rights protected under the Second Amendment was a central focus. You might have weighed in with your own opinions during water cooler talk at work, sitting at the bar while tossing a few cold ones back with some friends or in a more formal setting such as a town hall meeting or something of that nature. If you happen to be one of many gun owners in Kansas or Missouri, you've probably been following news related to this subject quite closely.

When to accept a plea bargain in a criminal case

A plea bargain refers to the process of negotiation between a defense lawyer and the prosecution. Both the defense lawyer and the prosecution are able to initiate these negotiations, which then the defendant must accept or reject. During a typical plea bargaining process the defendant pleads guilty to either a lesser charge or only one charge (when facing several). Accepting a plea bargain is beneficial because the costs of a trial are avoided. However, deciding when to accept a plea bargain can be tricky.

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