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The right defense for the drug charges you are facing

The conviction of any type of drug charge is serious, and the repercussions can have a serious impact on your life. If you are currently facing state or federal drug charges, you understand the gravity of your situation and the need to adequately defend yourself against these accusations.

The serious consequences of marijuana possession in Kansas

Despite the perception that marijuana possession is not a serious crime, a conviction will result in serious penalties. Many states have legalized the recreational use of this drug, but the drug is still a controlled substance in Kansas. In July 2016, state lawmakers passed a measure that slightly reduced the penalties associated with possession, but, if you are facing charges for marijuana, you still need an experienced defense attorney.

Drug conspiracy charges and your loved one

Unquestionably, Kansas, Missouri and the rest of the country have a drug problem that does not seem to be getting better. Programs to educate the public, motivate young people and rehabilitate addicts have barely made dents in the problem. Your child has probably experienced these efforts first hand.

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