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Johnson County Seasoned Criminal Trial Lawyer

Legends of the Wyandotte County Bar - Presented to Carle E. Cornwell

Carl was honored in 2013 by the Wyandotte County Bar Association as a “Legend” in recognition of his many years as an outstanding professional in his field

When charged with a state or federal crime, you will need the best and most experienced legal representation. The stakes are extremely high. You are facing possible decades of imprisonment, seizure of property and a permanent criminal record. As you are understandably anxious and scared about the entire criminal indictment process, you require assurances that your matter is in good hands.

At Carl E. Cornwell Attorney At Law, you will find a lawyer who has provided premium representation for 39 years to individuals charged with crimes. As a criminal defense attorney, Carl Cornwell has tried over 50 homicide cases and has defended clients in 100s of felony cases.  He is well-versed in the law, and he will bring his wealth of experience to defending the kind of crime that you have been charged with.

Wide Swath Of Criminal Law Representation

From his office located in Olathe, Carl Cornwell has represented individuals charged with practically every felony in the book in Kansas. These include:

  • Sex crimes, such as rape, indecent liberties and Internet allegations
  • Drug crimes in both state and federal court, including possession, distribution and drug conspiracy charges involving marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine
  • Homicide cases, including murder and manslaughter
  • Weapons crimes, including possession by a felon and serial number obliteration charges
  • Assault and battery charges, including aggravated assault and road rage accusations
  • Federal crimes of every type
  • White collar crimes, including tax fraud, embezzlement and money laundering

Carl Cornwell is in court on a daily basis and understands criminal procedure at the state and federal levels. He has represented individuals in federal court in nine different states. His law office has access to forensic experts and accountants who can testify on your behalf. His experience and knowledge of the law makes the best outcome of your case possible.

A Trial Lawyer Widely Respected By His Peers

Carl Cornwell is known and respected by judges, district attorneys and other criminal defense attorneys in the federal and state courts where he appears. He has been selected for inclusion in Kansas Super Lawyers every year since 2005.

Contact Carl Cornwell Attorney at Law about your criminal defense representation as soon as you become suspicious that you will be charged with a crime. We can be reached by calling 913-712-0459.

If you have been stopped on I-70 in Kansas and have been charged with a state or federal crime, or had currency or property confiscated, call me now!