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A Proven History Defending Against Weapons Charges

There are an endless number of weapons charges at the state and federal levels. The statutes governing weapons are complex and the penalties for conviction almost always harsh. Attorney Carl Cornwell has regularly represented individuals charged with various kinds of weapons crimes for 40+ years. One reason he takes particular care in defending individuals charged with these crimes is that he thoroughly understands the consequences.

The Wide Swath Of Weapons Crimes

A single weapon charge by itself could be tried as a felony. Possession of weapons while arrested for drug possession or distribution can lead to extremely enhanced penalties and additional felony charges.

There are laws against possessing an Uzi and other automatic weapons. Sawed-off shotguns are prohibited. There are weapon violations on the books that pertain to silencers and to the obliteration of a serial number on a gun. Carl has a rare understanding of state and federal weapon charges and the ability to defend against such charges in court.

Loss Of Right To Own And Possess A Weapon

Convicted felons (even tax felons) are prohibited by law from owning or possessing guns and particular weapons, and a felon in possession of such a weapon could be charged with probation violations and additional felony charges. Beyond penalties, fines and prison time, a felony could result in the loss of a job. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, Carl Cornwell has on a number of occasions represented police officers charged with felonies. With a felony on their record, they are no longer able to carry a weapon and cannot perform their job duties.

Carl knows how to settle weapon violation matters and, if necessary, defend such cases in court. He is well respected in the court and must be taken seriously by prosecutors when it comes to negotiation. His concern is about more than just you avoiding jail; he will work toward reducing or eliminating all short- and long-term consequences that can result from a criminal arrest.

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