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Expungement: Starting A New Chapter With A Clean Record

The criminal record expungement area is governed by a number of statutes, and it’s important to note that not all criminal arrest information is expungeable. This is why it’s important to speak to an attorney who is experienced in this area to pursue the expungement process and who can advise you on the chances of success regarding your expungement claim.

Attorney Carl Cornwell has helped a large number of individuals clear their criminal record through the expungement process. His over 40 years of experience and knowledge of the area of criminal expungement make him an ideal advocate for you.

The Importance Of The Criminal Expungement Process

In the criminal law system, to expunge information means to remove it from your record. If a matter is expunged, it would be like it never happened. This can be extremely important if you are seeking employment because many companies will not hire a convicted felon. Even if you are a qualified candidate for a particular position, it’s likely that someone else with equal qualifications will get the job if you still have a felony on your record. A conviction could also prevent you from owning a gun or living in a certain apartment complex.

With his office in Olathe, Kansas, Carl appears a number of times each week in Johnson County Court. He understands its processes and is well respected by judges and lawyers who practice there. As in all criminal matters, it is his goal to achieve the best possible resolution for you. Though his main goal is to minimize penalties you will have to face due to an arrest, he also will take every action to reduce other consequences that can arise from an arrest and/or conviction.

Unfortunately, there are a few convictions that are unable to be expunged at this time. Some sexual criminal convictions, for instance, do not qualify nor do some violent criminal charges. However, the qualifications are continuously changing, and Carl will let you know immediately if your case qualifies for expungement.

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