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Serious Federal Charges Require Serious Representation

Federal crimes are tried differently than are state court cases. The timelines are different and there are a different set of procedures. Federal prosecutors are generally more aggressive in trying these cases than are attorneys in state courts. And most significantly, federal sentences and penalties are extremely severe.

It’s vital that you retain a seasoned lawyer when charged with a federal crime. Attorney Carl Cornwell has been defending individuals charged with federal crimes for decades. As an attorney extremely familiar with the inside of a federal court, he is also comfortable with trying the most difficult and complex of federal cases.

Federal Conspiracy Charges

There are a number of evidentiary and procedural challenges when it comes to defending someone charged in a federal conspiracy investigation. Defendants find themselves facing the federal government and all of the resources it can muster. Agencies like the FBI and the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) have unlimited budgets to investigate your case. They have the most up-to-date technology to monitor your activities, listen to telephone conversations and review your accounts and online records. Also, the federal government can use the testimony of co-conspirators against you.

Carl knows how to challenge illegally obtained evidence on procedural and constitutional grounds. The Federal Rules of Evidence concerning evidence admissibility are second nature to him. He has successfully fought for acquittal for defendants in federal conspiracy cases on many occasions.

Wide Variety Of Federal Court Experience

Carl Cornwell has represented defendants in federal court in New Hampshire, West Virginia, Puerto Rico, Kansas, Nebraska, Washington, New Mexico and Texas. He has also represented individuals who have arrived from many different countries who have been charged with federal crimes. His representation has on a large number of occasions included undocumented immigrants.

It has been his opportunity to represent individuals charged with every sort of federal crime from white collar criminal accusations to weapons violations and even kidnapping. He has successfully defended individuals charged with multiple crimes that could have led to greatly enhanced penalties. This has included drug trafficking charges with allegations of gun statute violations added.

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