People Are Going To Decide Your Future…

Make sure you have someone on your side who can help you.


Carl E. Cornwell Attorney at Law, is a lawyer, who’s our sole practice area is criminal defense law. With 40+ years of litigation experience, Carl Cornwell is a trial lawyer who is in court on a daily basis and providing his clients the best sort of legal representation.

A Lawyer Who Understands What Is At Stake In Criminal Prosecutions

No one is more in need of competent legal counsel than an individual who has been charged with a crime. Anyone charged with a crime is understandably scared. Even mere allegations of criminal wrongdoing can damage one’s reputation and professional standing in the community. A conviction for a felony could result in decades of imprisonment. Collateral consequences of such a sentence could mean you lose your family and your home.

Carl Cornwell can put his knowledge and experience to work for you. As a licensed attorney in Kansas, Carl Cornwell has represented defendants in more than 60 homicide cases and hundreds of felony matters in federal and state courts. He has represented individuals charged with aggravated assault, drug crimes of every sort, rape charges, weapons crimes and a number of white collar and financial crimes. There is no criminal defense case too difficult for him to handle.

His service to his clients goes well beyond representation in court. Carl Cornwell can represent you at the pre-indictment stage. He can negotiate for a better sentence. In the event that you have been convicted in the past of a crime, he can work to have any arrest or conviction expunged from your criminal record.

Well Respected Within His Profession

As a litigator, Carl Cornwell is respected by federal and state judges, prosecutors, law enforcement officers and fellow criminal defense attorneys. His professionalism and dedication to his clients are just some of the reasons he has been selected for inclusion in Kansas Super Lawyers every year since 2005.

Attorney Carl E. Cornwell practices law in Olathe, Kansas. Contact our office by calling 913-712-0459.