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Johnson County Assault And Battery Defense Attorney

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There’s often more than one side to charges of assault and battery. A bar fight started by someone else where you tried to defend yourself could result in you being charged. Merely pointing a weapon at someone else could be considered aggravated assault. Misunderstandings at home could result in accusations of domestic battery. Even road rage incidents where it is unclear what happened or who was at fault could result in assault charges.

Attorney Carl E. Cornwell can always be counted on to clearly tell your story. He can conduct a thorough investigation, examine all police reports and arrest records, and question every witness to make certain that the truth is known.

Harsh Criminal Penalties

It’s easy to underestimate the consequences of an arrest for a bar fight or road rage incident. What originally may have seemed like a harmless scuffle could result in serious jail time. Aggravated assault can be charged as a felony and can bring along with it the same consequences as any other felony conviction. Prison time, fines and payment of restitution for property damage or other expenses are not out of the question.

Carl Cornwell has spent his 37+ years as a lawyer defending individuals charged with serious crimes. He understands the sentence you may be facing and will go through with you all of your legal options. As he has been in court so many times before, he is well respected by judges and prosecutors involved in the case. He knows how to question accusers, witnesses and arresting officers in court, and he especially understands how to suppress improper evidence and testimony.

Use Of Self Defense

While you always have the right to defend yourself if you are being physically attacked, courts will only allow this as a defense to assault charges if your actions were appropriate. Please walk away from situations where misunderstandings can arise and physical confrontation can take place.

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