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Lawmakers target university gun possession policies

by | Mar 30, 2017 | Gun Policies |

Kansas has some of the most liberal interpretations of the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment of any state. Nevertheless, there are restrictions and prohibitions that every gun owner should know, and those restrictions tend to change frequently as state and federal legislators introduce and pass new bills.

Confusion on campus

In light of the campus carry law set to take effect this summer, universities across the state are adopting their own policies to restrict the presence of weapons on their campuses. In reaction to these policies, some Kansas legislators have introduced a bill that will prohibit college administrations from restricting you from lawfully carrying your gun on campus.

Some in the state congress believe that a law permitting you to carry a weapon essentially denies a university the right to maintain an intellectual atmosphere. Advocates of the bill reject the provisions that many colleges have placed on your right to carry a gun. For example, your college may require the following:

  • You must keep your gun in your possession at all times.
  • You may carry the gun but not take it into any buildings.
  • The chamber of the gun must be empty at all times.
  • The gun’s safety must be on at all times.

Members of the National Rifle Association contend that university policies make it confusing for gun owners. This may make it more likely that a gun-carrying student will inadvertently violate the gun policy and face disciplinary actions or even criminal charges.

Defending your right to bear arms

The popular cry among many who react to violent crimes is to place more restrictions on those who want to possess guns legally. Advocates of the right to bear arms believe these restrictions are meant to discourage you from carrying your weapon at all.

Laws regarding guns seem to increase with every episode of violence that makes the national news. Consequences for weapons convictions are often harsh and, depending on the circumstances, may result in lengthy prison sentences. If you have found yourself in a situation where carrying your weapon resulted in your arrest, you may benefit from strong legal counsel. An attorney who understands weapons laws in Kansas as well as at the federal level will be able to defend your rights with the goal of reducing the negative consequences of your situation.