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What’s the best defense option in your situation?

by | Jun 20, 2017 | Blog |

Federal prosecutors tend to be quite aggressive in their questions when seeking conviction where drug possession and/or distribution and conspiracy charges are concerned. If you were arrested and charged with a federal crime in Kansas, you probably worried about your freedom from the start. Will you be convicted? Will you go to prison? Will you lose your job? What will your family do without you? It’s understandable to feel frightened and nervous when facing drug-related charges in court.

Avoiding conviction is sometimes possible and usually depends greatly on the type of defense presented. No two situations are exactly the same; so, it helps to research what options may be available in a particular situation.

Common defense options to fight against drug charges

The best defense option in a drug-related situation is not always immediately apparent. There may be holes in the prosecution’s case that the average person is not skilled enough to recognize. For this and many other reasons, many defendants choose to reach out for support from those more knowledgeable regarding federal drug laws. The following list includes the most commonly accessed defense options:

  • If law enforcement officers or informants provided drugs and encouraged you to make a delivery, it may be evidence that entrapment took place.
  • Although, it’s often a police officer’s word against a defendant’s, if you believe planted drugs were used in order to blame you for a crime, you may pursue an appropriate defense regarding this information in court.
  • If the prosecution can’t produce the actual drugs they accused you of possessing, manufacturing, selling or delivering, it may tip the scales in your favor.
  • Along those same lines, if the white powdery substance police say they found in your car does not chemically test as an illegal drug, the prosecution will have difficulty making a case against you.

Even if authorities find an actual drug in your home or vehicle, etc., it doesn’t mean you knew it was there. Just because police find something and arrest you for a crime because of it, does not necessarily mean the court will hand down a conviction. You are presumed innocent and given every opportunity to present as strong a defense as possible before a decision is made.

An experienced criminal defense attorney who has gone to bat at the federal level may advocate on your behalf to protect your rights and explore all available options to hopefully preserve your freedom.