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Should you enter a not guilty plea for bank fraud charges?

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Blog |

If prosecutors in Kansas have charged you with bank fraud, your immediate future likely consists of various meetings, hearings and other legal processes that may make your life stressful, and may have long-lasting impacts on your future. Like any other person in this or any other state, the law guarantees you the right to present as strong a defense as possible to try to avoid conviction. A question you must ask yourself is whether it’s in your best interest to enter a not guilty plea.

There are so many factors involved that it’s often difficult for the average person with no background in law to determine what the best defense option may be in a particular situation. The good news is that support is available to help you choose the path that will most likely increase your chances of obtaining a positive outcome.

Some determine that a not guilty plea is best

In another state, a man who owned several auto dealerships ran into legal trouble when he secured a mortgage loan. The following facts regarding his case may be useful to your own situation:

  • The auto dealer stands accused of bank fraud.
  • The situation has to do with a $745,000 mortgage loan.
  • Prosecutors accused the man of submitting false information to a credit union to obtain the loan.
  • The U.S. attorney who filed an indictment against the man said he claimed he was purchasing a home for his parents in Hawaii. The U.S. attorney also stated that the man falsified financial statements to secure the mortgage loan.
  • The auto dealership owner is currently scheduled to stand trial in April.
  • The bank fraud charges against him carry potential incarceration for up to 30 years and up to $1 million in fines.

The man in this particular case has entered a plea of not guilty. If you were to face similar charges in court, the type of plea you enter will undoubtedly affect the outcome of your situation. Even if you face similar charges as another person, it doesn’t mean that you should necessarily enter the same pleas. This is where experienced guidance can really come in handy.

Who can help?

Even though you may decide to go it alone in court when facing bank fraud or other criminal charges, there is no need to do so. Most Kansas residents accused of such crimes turn to experienced criminal defense attorneys for guidance on entering pleas and all other facets of the criminal justice process.