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The right defense for the drug charges you are facing

by | Apr 17, 2018 | Drug Crimes |

The conviction of any type of drug charge is serious, and the repercussions can have a serious impact on your life. If you are currently facing state or federal drug charges, you understand the gravity of your situation and the need to adequately defend yourself against these accusations.

Drug charges range in type and severity, but you would be wise to start building your defense strategy as soon as possible. Whether you are still under investigation or you are already facing charges, you have the right to build a strong defense. Individuals facing any type of drug charge in Kansas would be wise to act quickly to shield their future interests.

What type of drug charges are you facing?

Many drug offenses involve multiple drug-related crimes, as well as both state and federal laws. Drug cases can be quite complex, and the penalties can range from fines to extensive time behind bars. Some of the most common types of drug charges include:

  • Possession of a drug – having any kind of controlled substance or illicit drug on your person
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia – possession of syringes, pipes or other products used in the consumption of drugs
  • Trafficking – includes selling, transporting or importing illegal drugs and controlled substances
  • Delivery or manufacturing of drugs – involving any step of the drug manufacturing process or distribution of drugs
  • Dealing – includes selling illegal drugs on a smaller scale

The specific penalties you are facing depend on the details of your individual case, such as the amount of drugs on your person, the type of drug involved and your criminal history.

You have the right to defend yourself against any type of drug charge, but you have no time to lose in learning about the options available to you. Regardless of the strength of the prosecution’s case against you, it is always possible to fight a drug charge.

Your defense can start today

It is never too early to seek defense counsel regarding drug charges. Even if you are not yet charged, there is still considerable benefit in working to build a strong defense. A complete evaluation of your case can help you understand how to best fight the charges against you.

A conviction of a drug charge can alter the course of your future. Your situation is serious, but a conviction or entering a guilty plea are never your only options when facing any type of drug charge.