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Drug trafficking can be a federal crime with serious penalties

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It is natural to have a lapse in judgement at times. Perhaps you have committed some minor crimes like the possession of small amounts of illegal drugs. Pretty soon, though, you are possessing greater amounts of illegal drugs, transporting them in and outside Kansas City or even selling them. After all, you are making money doing so and may not believe you will get caught until you are.

Those who are facing federal drug crimes are in a major predicament. They may spend many years in prison if convicted and have to pay exorbitant fines. It can make a person worried, frightened and even embarrassed about their future. The following are some penalties you may face if you are caught trafficking drugs.

Federal penalties for drug trafficking

If you possessed large quantities of drugs, transported drugs for sale, sold drugs or in some other way was involved in drug trafficking, the penalties for this federal crime are very severe. The prison terms and fines vary based on the quantity of drugs at issue. However, if the use of the drug that was illegally distributed results in a death or serious injury then you could face a mandatory prison term of life and a fine of up to $8 million. Even possession of large amounts of a drug, for example heroin or cocaine, could be indicative of drug trafficking.

Federal penalties for possession of heroin or cocaine

If you are in possession of one kilogram or more of heroin or five kilograms or more of cocaine a first conviction could lead to a prison sentence of 10 years or more and a fine of up to $4 million. These are incredibly serious penalties that could affect you the rest of your life.

Even possession lesser amounts of heroin and cocaine has significant penalties. If you possess between 100 to 999 grams of heroin and are convicted for the first time you could face a prison sentence of at least five years but not more than 40 years and a fine of up to $2 million. This amount of jail time can affect your entire life and fines in the millions can ruin you financially.

Federal drug charges can change your life forever

If you are convicted of a federal drug crime it can change your life forever. Prison time can lead to job loss, strain family relationships and it can mar your reputation in your community. Large fines can spell financial ruin. It is important to take all federal drug charges seriously. A solid defense strategy may help you avoid the worst penalties or could even lead to a reduction of the charges against you.